Monroe Soccer Clinics

Monroe Spring Soccer Clinics

Dates: April 12th to June 6th

Day: Monday & Friday

Times: 3-5 year olds - 4:45-5:35pm Fridays only.
6-8 year olds - Between 5 - 7:45pm 

Location: Wolfe Park, Monroe 

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Description: This spring we will be running an 8 week program through Monroe P&R for players aged between 3-8 years old. The spring program is run by coaches adhering to an age specific curriculum that has been designed through many years of work in Europe, Asia and the USA.

Ages 3-5: Sessions will include hundreds of touches on the ball while encouraging the players to develop within a holistic environment. Using a ball as often as possible, the players will evolve through repetition and FUN based sessions. This age group will run the sessions within a 'child's fantasy world' to help the players relate to the games and skills taught each week. Skills taught through the 8 weeks will include dribbling, passing and shooting.
Ages 6-8: This year we will provide one day a week coaching and a second day which will be a GAMES only session. The additional games only session will allow the players to play in their own team (set by the program) for 7 weeks and learn the game while they play.
The games will not be result orientated and we will endeavor to try and make them as competitive as possible for everyone involved. 
The 6 year olds will play in one group while the 7 & 8 year olds will combine to make the other group (number dependent).

Our 6 year olds will play 3v3 with no goalkeeper while the 7 & 8 year olds will play 4v4 with no goalkeepers.  

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